Lena Kofos - Head Advisor
Kathy Boffa
Katherine Foley

Email:  RoselandGOYA@gmail.com

Kalliope Kantanas - President
Vikki Amourgianos - Vice President
Luke Potamianos - Treasurer
Erini Dagiantis - Recording Secretary
Sophia Dourdoulakis - Corresponding Secretary

Please send an email to RoselandGOYA@gmail.com to receive information about joining this year.

Looking forward to seeing new and returning members in September!


Your GOYA Advisors,

Lena Kofos /  Kathy Boffa / Katherine Foley 

G.O.Y.A. is a wonderful organization that allows youths to participate in many events and activities most of all grow and expand our knowledge and relationship with God.  If you have a child that is between the ages of 12 - 18, please encourage them to come to our meetings and events and see what we do as an organization within our church. The Northern NJ Greek Orthodox Youth Calendar is filled with numerous events beginning in September and ending in June. 

We encourage you to join our G.O.Y.A. and give it a try. There are a variety of activities that GOYANs participate in from Bowling Tournaments, Basketball/Volleyball tournaments, Sights & Sounds, Olympics, Spiritual growth, community service and religious retreats.  

G.O.Y.A. is about meeting other Orthodox youth and growing spiritually and about having Fun! We have a tight, knit, group of GOYANs and feel we are a family.  For those who are willing to give G.O.Y.A. a try or need additional information, please contact the Advisors.