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Greek School Principal:  Mrs. Sophia Logothetis

The history of our Greek School dates back to 1918, a few years after the first Greeks who came to New Jersey established our community of St. Nicholas in Newark. The St. Nicholas community was founded and established as the first Greek school in Newark.

A Tradition of Excellence Throughout its long academic history, our school has educated thousands of Greek American children. These students not only learned to read, speak and write in the Greek language, but also gained an immense appreciation for our history and culture. These children grew up to become productive citizens of our country, such as doctors, lawyers, artists, politicians, writers, teachers and business people, to name a few. Our alumni happily continue this legacy by sending their own children to our school.


Greek School offers ten classes from pre-kindergarten through sixth grade (3 - 12 years old). Our mission is to provide an educational opportunity to develop knowledge of Greek language, history, mythology, geography, religion, and culture. Our experienced teachers are certified in Greek language instruction. Students participate in skits, plays, and monologues during celebrations for The Greek Letters Day, Independence Day, and Commencement Exercises. Greek School classes meet on Monday and Wednesday from 4:15 - 6:15.

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