Philanthropic outreach is the heart of the National Philoptochos Society, with each chapter around the country contributing to their communities and beyond in unique ways. The St. Dorkas Adelphotis Chapter at Ss. Nicholas, Constantine & Helen has been involved in a number of outreach efforts over the last few years—and we want you to know about them. Please open the document to learn about the charities our chapter has supported, which has been made possible through your continued prayers, support, and financial donations.  

The Ladies Philoptochos St Dorkas Adelphotis News:

Being Physically Apart but Socially Connected is how Philoptochos is moving forward this year.  Please join the Philoptochos to make a difference (see membership form for 2021). The chapter is reaching out to our Philoptochos sisters and parishioners with the following activities:

We thank the Parish for their support this past year and especially during the Christmas season.  Because of the pandemic, our fundraising has been curtailed but through your generosity we were able to:


Donate 100 gift cards and small token gifts to children in Essex County through our Annual Giving Tree. 

  • Assist several Orthodox families in the Metropolis of NJ through over $1,000 in private donations

  • Successfully held our Christmas Vasilopita/Pastry sale and Ornaments in December

  • Successfully held our food drive for the Community FoodBank of NJ (which supplies food pantries in our area and throughout NJ) in January

  • Donate to St Basil Academy through our successful Vasilopita trays in January


Please join Philoptochos and make a difference.  Our annual membership for 2021 has begun. Click here for our membership form.


If you can, please send in a donation (a virtual fundraising appeal) along with your membership.  At this time, please help us as we are raising money for:

  • National Philoptochos social services cases benefiting Orthodox families in need

  • Cancer and Other Major Illnesses fund that assists Orthodox families with paying for medical expenses

  • Autism Assistance Fund assisting Orthodox struggling with autism

  • Orthodox missions and mission priestsin which many are helping in countries hard hit by the pandemic

  • Orthodox Christian Fellowship provides a ministry for Orthodox college students

  • St Basil Academy – We support funds that provide for the students needs and operating expenses of this large facility

  • 75th Anniversary Founders Fund provides support to Greek Orthodox older adults and their families; financial support to long-term care facilities serving aging Greek Orthodox individuals and special projects dealing with aging


Please join our sisterhood and our 89 years of philanthropy.  In 2019, our donations helped National Philoptochos distribute $1.7 million in philanthropic aid. Our mission is to “help the poor, the destitute, the hungry, the aged, the sick, the unemployed, the orphaned, the imprisoned, the widowed, those with disabilities and the victims of disasters.


We offer books, Icons, CD's and more that help feed / heal the soul.  We also have a section for slightly used items for a donation of your choice.  Come and see!


Female Saints of the Orthodox Church:

(Click on the links below for more information)

Dec. 4:    St. Barbara the Great Martyr

Dec. 22:  Anastasia the Great Martyr

Dec. 24:  Eugenia the Righteous Nun-martyr of Rome

Dec. 31:  Melania the Younger, Nun of Rome

Jan. 12:  Tatiana the Martyr of Rome

Jan. 14:  Agnes the Virgin-martyr

Jan. 24:  Xenia, Deaconess of Rome

Jan. 30:  Athanasia the Martyr & her 3 daughters
Jan. 31:  Holy Women Martyrs Theodote, Theoktiste and Eudoxia

Feb. 5:    Agatha the Martyr

Feb. 11:  Theodora the Empress

Feb. 17:  Mariamne, Sister of Apostle Philip

We support local charities and our Metropolis/National Archdiocese

Philoptochos Charities & Social Services

Orthodox families helped by local Philoptochos: in our parish, gentleman facing medical issues/bills.

Case #1 Mother died very young, in her 30’s, from cancer. Father died soon after in an accident. Grandparents raising the two children.

Charities Supported by our Philoptochos Chapter:


Mud Girls Studios -
Empowering Women.

Transforming lives through art.


Start Out Fresh Intervention Advocates

Toni's Kitchen
Responding to our community
in this challenging time.

Apostles House.png

The Apostles' House - Newark, NJ
Faithfully serving this community since 1982

CLICK HERE for a list of Charities and causes supported by the National Philoptochos.

Philoptochos Membership Drive

$30; we welcome additional donations to support charitable outreach ($50, $100) -payable cash/check (drop envelope in church office), Venmo or Paypal


Giving – Successful Food Drive








Community Koliva – Donate

$20 or more to Philoptochos Saturday of the Souls

(Mar 6, 13, 20)

Join us - Baking for Pastry Sale:

  • Mon Mar 1 (3 pm – 8 pm)

  • Wed Mar 3 (10 am – 4 pm)

St. Dorkas / Tabitha
Patron Saint of Philoptochos
Chapter 1028/1029

O Lord Jesus Christ, we bow our heads before You, and with humble hearts we give thanks to You for the  abundant blessings, which You have  poured forth upon us. We praise You for gathering us together as members of the Ladies Philoptochos Society in the service to Your Holy Church. We bless You for the selfless sacrifice of countless generations of women who have faithfully fulfilled the philanthropic mission entrusted to them. Through Your ineffable wisdom and Your Divine power, You have enabled us to minister to those who are in need of Your love, Your comfort, and Your care. Make us instruments of Your peace and of Your hope, O Lord. 

Where there is pain and suffering, may we bring Your healing and comfort. Where there is loneliness and isolation, may we bring the fellowship of Your Holy Church. Where there is despair and discouragement, may we inspire hope and faith in You. Where there is hatred and strife, may we be peace-makers producing the fruits of love and reconciliation.

We also ask You, O Lord, to guide our deliberations, our decisions, our fellowship, and all our labors, so that in all we do, or say, we may bring glory to Your Holy Name, of the Father and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

2021 Goals for Charitable Disbursements - (Jan - June 2021)

  • $500 Chapter Gift cards (social services)

  • $1,000 Chapter Scholarship

  • Metropolis Obligations

  • March - NJ Metropolis Emergency Social Services – (tray)

  • April – Schools of  Patriarchate /Turkish School Initiative  $250

  • June – NJ Metropolis Office  $500

  • March – Tray for Greece & Cyprus Relief

  • National Obligations

  • Jan – Vasilopita (St Basil) tray

  • Jan – Social Services/Cancer & Other Major Illnesses Fund $600

  • Feb – Autism Assistance Fund $250; St Photios Shrine $50

  • Mar – OCMC/SAMP $450 (Support a Mission Priest);

  • Mar–  Hellenic College/Holy Cross (Veneration of the Cross) $100

  • Apr – Sisterhood of  St Basil Grad $100;  IOCC $250

  • May/June  - 75th Anniversary Founders Fund $100; Orthodox Christian Fellowship $100

Altar Iconography 12x18_Mar 2018_FINAL.j

​Philoptochos Altar Iconography Donation
The Ladies Philoptochos Society St Dorkas Adelphotis Chapter 1028/1029 has donated 2 full length altar icons, presenting checks totaling $8,000 in May and June.  The goal is to raise the full $12,000 (or more) by St Nicholas Feast Day.


Philoptochos Donated 4 Altar Icons by raising $16,000

The Altar Iconography Fund was chaired by Mary Koutsaftes, Helen Oliva and Vivian Pagoulatos (Feb 2017- March 2018).  Please support the current phase of the Icongraphy Program.

Father George and the Philoptochos are grateful for the generosity of our Philoptochos sisters, their families and friends.  Our gratitude is surpassed only by the knowledge that we have made a significant contribution to beautifying our beloved Ss Nicholas, Constantine and Helen Church, and we could not have done it without you. 


Philoptochos members participated at the September 7, 2019 - SOFIA 9th Annual Walk Against Domestic Violence

2019 Visit to Apostle House