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Stewards of the Faith

All Things are Possible to the one who believes in Christ!

“Stewardship is the offering to God as children of faith rather than as hired servants. Children of God make offerings to God as expression of authentic love, whereas, hired servants simply fulfill legalistic duty. Christian stewardship is a manifestation of our love for God through the holistic offering of time, talent, and treasure to Him, through Christ’s Holy Church. By this offering of love to our Father in heaven, He further extends the healing experience of His Church to His children, through Her ministry.”

Father Luke Palumbis

St. Basil the Great Church, Houston, TX

Stewardship Envelopes will not be mailed out this year.  They can be pick-up from the Rotunda.  Thank you!

Please click on the "Donate" button to make your stewardship payment.

Thank you!

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CLICK HERE for information on how you can help our Church through Planned Giving

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